BYLP establishes, develops and implements educational programs for African American youth in California in the areas of leadership development, public speaking, the legislative process, public service, cultural awareness and identity.

BYLP was established in 1999 as a nonprofit and non-partisan educational organization dedicated to developing California’s next generation of public policy leaders.

Since its inception, BYLP has served over 2700 students and has helped make the Capitol and it’s African American staff more accessible to our youth and community. BYLP’s original programs are designed to encourage African American students to become civically engaged by learning about California’s legislative process and developing communications skills through speech and debate.

BYLP will be expanding its programming — the additional programs are consistent with BYLP’s mission and will provide new opportunities for our youth participants to develop organizational skills, enhance reading competency, cultural awareness, explore new career paths and engage their peers and communities in productive conversations.



  • Introduce youth to the legislative process
  • Cultivate youth civic engagement and participation in government
  • Assist youth in developing more effective communication, cognition, language and leadership skills
  • Inspire youth to pursue avenues of excellence outside of their comfort zones
  • Encourage importance of public service at an early age
  • Educate youth about the “active” process of democracy