BYLP is a non-profit, civic educational organization dedicated to developing the next generation of future professionals and public leaders in California.

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BYLP is 100% volunteer driven. We depend on the commitment of volunteers to produce our annual programming. Join our team TODAY.
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      BYLP Boot Camp July 31 – August 4

This week-long boot camp will introduce students to idea of social justice and provide them with an opportunity to learn about various aspects of social justice movements. Through informative and interactive workshops, and group project, students will improve their critical thinking and communication skills, and learn to work together as they study the social justice movement to reform the criminal justice system.

As a part of the camp, students will also explore the use of social media in today’s world, and analyze the ways in which social media is used to affect social and political change. In addition, students will have an opportunity throughout the week to discuss other societal conditions that affect their respective communities and the broader African American community in California and the nation.

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BYLP Vision

BYLP Leads Charge as Unifying Voice in Sacramento

BYLP is committed to ensuring the youth have a voice at the table during all discussions had by officials whether elected or sworn to protect and serve. We believe the youth are the leaders they have been waiting for and are committed to empowering the youth as they assume position and lead this moment to a movement. We join in solidarity with The Dream Defenders (Florida), Black Youth Project (Chicago), Operation Help or Hush (St. Louis, MO) and countless other activists who are committed to keep the issues of injustices in the forefront until we force a change in the climate in this nation.

Calendar of Events

Social Justice Boot Camp | 7/31/17 - 8/4/17
Social Justice Boot Camp Flyer